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Photography: Ken Hartlage

Nissitissit in Native American means “two brooks” or “between two brooks”. The Nissitissit River is a quiet, unpolluted stream that meanders through open marsh and wooded valley for approximately 9.2 miles. Its headwaters originate from Potanipo Pond, located in Brookline, N.H. eventually discharging into the Nashua River in Pepperell MA. The Nissitissit River is a jewel in our midst and one of the few unspoiled rivers left in southern New England. The protected lands along its banks preserve natural habitats in the marshes and along the river. It is a high value aquatic ecosystem with high aesthetic and water quality supporting amazing wildlife habitats. In keeping with the character of the river public use has included: canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, nature study, and swimming. Today the river continues to run clean and clear and its banks, thanks in large measure to the trust’s efforts, remain scenic and undeveloped for long stretches.

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